Decision Stack

Nextmv gives developers the building blocks to automate and optimize business decisions. From how to route to who to schedule to what to pack, Nextmv is easy to use as is or customize as needed.

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One stack, many capabilities

Nextmv is a different kind of optimization platform: it works like regular software, it’s multi-paradigm, and works better in cloud, microservice, and serverless architectures.


Generate and search through all possible solutions with our hybrid optimizer to arrive at an actionable decision that accounts for your timing and business rules.


Improve and iterate on your decisions by experimenting with different approaches under simulated conditions and implement the right one when appropriate.


Deploy Nextmv into your existing production environment with a one-line code change to move from local development to Lambda, S3, Azure, and more.

Solvers, engines, and runners,
configurable to your use case

Solve with decision diagrams, heuristics, and more. Model with engines for traveling salesman problem (TSP), vehicle routing problem (VRP), knapsack, k-means, and n-queens. Integrate with runners into the environment you choose.

See the routes ahead

Nextmv is horizontally applicable across many optimization problems. From routing people, product, and services among countless locations to scheduling, inventory management, and more.

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