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Overview of the dispatch app.

Note, dispatch is available as an app on GitHub (contact for access). You can use it as is or configure it to meet your needs. If you are just getting started, check out our n-queens app.

The Dispatch App dispatches a fleet of vehicles to visit stops, minimizing the total distance traveled. The app solves a Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP). It is built using the router engine.

The cmd directory in the app folder contains the main.go, and supporting data files needed to run the app.

You can find subdirectories with variations of the dispatch app, such as:

  • base: original VRP.
  • capacity: base app with capacity constraint.
  • capacity-precedence: capacity app with precedence (pickups and deliveries) constraint.
  • capacity-windows: capacity app with time windows constraint.
  • capacity-windows-precedence: capacity app with precedence and time windows constraints.

We are always adding new apps. If you are looking for a new one, email

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