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Repo Tour

Tour of a shared repo with Nextmv

All user repositories are setup to work according to Gitflow. Following this, your repository will already have two branches from the start, stable and develop.

The repository has an easy to understand structure. Below are the most important parts of the repository:

├── cmd/<model>
├──── data
│     ├── input.json
├── main.go
├── <model>
│   ├── schema.go
│   ├── solver.go
├── version.go

The cmd/<model> directory has everything needed to run the model (for example, a dispatch application). The main entry to run and debug the model is found in the cmd/<model>/main.go file. The example input.json is located in the data sub-directory. You can use this file as a guide to help you set up your own input files.

The model itself consists of two parts: schema.go and solver.go.

  1. schema.go loads the relevant data from a given input file.
  2. solver.go uses the data to solve the optimization problem.

Note, solver.go is also where you would make any changes to extend the model with more options from a relevant engine, such as the router engine, or make use of another measure.

The version.go states the current app version you are using. This will also be part of your output file by default when generating solutions and allows us to help you quicker if you have questions.

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