Release of quadratic programming

Quadratic programming with the Nextmv platform v0.20.4 released

This release now supports quadratic programming with the mip package. Quadratic programming problems are commonly found in finance, where risk is often modeled as a quadratic function (e.g., portfolio optimization).

Additional performance improvements and bug fixes were also made as part of this release, including to add support for HiGHS on Debian 10 linux systems.

Nextmv CLI v0.20.4-9a4ede8

Existing templates were upgraded to SDK v0.20.4.

Nextmv CLI v0.20.4-9a4ede8 upgrade guide

This upgrade guide assumes you’ve previously installed and configured the Nextmv CLI.

Open up a terminal and run the following command:

nextmv update

Alternatively, you can specify the version.

nextmv update v0.20.4-9a4ede8

Nextmv SDK v0.20.4

A new QuadraticTerm function was introduced in the mip package.

Nextmv SDK v0.20.4 upgrade guide

To update and tidy your Go project and reference SDK v0.20.4, stand at the location of the go.mod and run:

go get
go mod tidy

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