Nextmv Platform public release

Nextmv platform v0.23.1 released

Nextmv SDK v0.23.1

  • Expanded feature set for beta version of routing engine improvements.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements please contact us.

Nextmv CLI v0.23.1

  • Existing templates were upgraded to SDK v0.23.1.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvemnts please contact us.

Upgrade to v0.23.1

This upgrade guide assumes you’ve previously installed and configured the Nextmv CLI.

Open up a terminal and run the following command:

nextmv update

Alternatively, you can specify the version.

nextmv update v0.23.1-e76561a

Nextmv SDK v0.23.1 upgrade guide

To update and tidy your Go project and reference SDK v0.23.1, stand at the location of the go.mod and run:

go get
go mod tidy

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