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Features available with the Nextmv Cloud API.

The following features are available with the Nextmv Cloud API:

  • Alternate stops: Use alternate stops for vehicles. Vehicles will visit one location from the list of alternate stops provided and any other stops assigned to it.
  • Backlogs: Use backlogs for vehicles.
  • Capacity: Set stop quantities and vehicle capacities.
  • Duration groups: Set up stop groups to which additional durations are added.
  • Compatibility attributes: Add compatibility attributes between vehicles and stops.
  • Measures: Modify the measures used to estimate distance and duration.
  • Penalties: Set earliness, lateness and unassigned penalties to stops.
  • Precedence: Define precedence relationships like for pickups & deliveries.
  • Route limits: Set stops, distance and duration limits to the vehicles.
  • Stop groups: Customize stop groups.
  • Runtime configuration: Modify the runtime configurations.
  • Time settings: Work with time attributes such as time windows, vehicle shifts and stop durations.
  • Value function: Understand the value function.
  • Vehicle initialization costs: Define costs per vehicle usage.

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