Shift scheduling in marketplace and OR-Tools in platform

September 15, 2023

The release of Nextmv Platform v0.30.0 includes the ability to use Google’s popular open-source OR-Tools with Nextmv. The new OR-Tools feature allows you to integrate your new or existing OR-Tools model into your production systems by publishing it as a Nextmv custom app. Once your app is launched on the Nextmv platform, you get a set of unique API endpoints to integrate with your system, access into model runs on our web app Console, the ability to run experiments to test impacts of model updates on your KPIs, and more!

Please check out the pages for supported solvers in:

This release also includes:


This upgrade guide assumes you’ve previously completed the quick start guide.

Open up your terminal and run the following commands:

nextmv update
nextmv sdk install

Alternatively, you can specify the version.

nextmv update v0.30.0
nextmv sdk install v0.30.0

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