Subscribed apps

Reference for how to use subscribed apps.

Creating a subscribed app

To create a new subscribed app in Console, click on any app in the Nextmv Marketplace to go to that app’s details view. Then click the Add to my apps button which will take you to an interface to create a new app that is subscribed to that Marketplace app.

This interface has the following fields:

Field Description
Name & descriptionThese are for your reference only and have no bearing on the application. The name is required, the description is optional.
IDThe ID may only include lowercase letters, numbers, periods, or hyphens and must be between 3 and 30 characters (and cannot start or end with a hyphen or period). The app ID must be unique to the account you are creating it in.
Marketplace AppYou should see the marketplace app you want to subscribe to displayed in this row.

After filling out the fields, click the Create app button to create your new subscribed app. You will be taken to your list of subscribed apps. Click on your newly created app to view its details.

For how to create a new subscribed app in Nextmv CLI, see the Nextmv CLI marketplace app command reference section.

Using a subscribed app

Marketplace apps are meant to be used out of the box without having to modify anything. Once you have created a subscription app, it is available in your collection of apps and you can begin using it immediately. In Console, these can be found by going to the main Apps section and then clicking on Subscribed. In Nextmv CLI they can be found in the list of apps when you run nextmv app list (subscribed apps have a subscription_id property).

Each subscribed app is unique to you and comes with its own set of unique API endpoints for running and managing the app.

Managing a subscribed app

By default, a subscription app will always be running off the most recently published version in a major series. Marketplace versions follow semantic versioning; no breaking changes will be deployed in minor and bugfix releases.

However, if you wish to preserve your subscription app at a particular version of a marketplace app you can do so by following these three steps:

  1. Create a new instance from within your app.
  2. Assign the marketplace app version you want to use to this version.
  3. Set this new instance as the default instance for your app.

Now, whenever you make a run on your app it will use the default instance and therefore the version specified. What instances and versions are, and how they’re used is covered at the end of this page.

To use a marketplace app, you go to the marketplace app’s details view, click on the Add to my apps button, which will then take you to the interface for creating a new subscribed app. Complete the form to create your new subscribed app. This subscribed app will now have access to all the features of the marketplace app it’s subscribed to. (You can see which Marketplace app the app is subscribed to in the details view of the app.)

You can view your subscribed apps by going to the Apps page in the main sidebar navigation and then clicking on Subscribed in the sidebar.

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