Release notes

Latest releases for the Nextmv platform

Visit the release archive for the list of previous releases.

v0.30.1 Bug fixes and performance improvements

This release includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

v0.30.0 Shift scheduling marketplace app & OR-Tools support

This release includes the new shift scheduling marketplace app and support for OR-Tools with Python.

v0.29.0 Backend support for legacy fleet schema in Nextmv Marketplace

This release includes backend support for the v0/run fleet schema using the new nextroute engine with the Nextmv marketplace.

v0.28.0 Shadow testing in Nextmv CLI

This release adds the ability to create, start, and stop shadow tests and view their results in Nextmv CLI. It also adds the ability to retrieve polylines from the RoutingKit measure.

v0.27.3 Maps in Nextmv Cloud

This release includes support for real-road routing with the new Maps feature for both custom and subscription routing apps. Contact for more information.

2023-08-09 Nextmv platform v0.27.2 release

This release includes general bug fixes.

2023-08-04 Nextmv platform v0.27.1 release

This release includes general bug fixes.

2023-08-02 Nextmv platform v0.27.0 release

This release introduces a new nextroute vehicle routing engine feature and fixes a bug.

2023-08-01 Nextmv platform v0.26.0 release

This release introduces new nextroute vehicle routing engine features, speed improvements, automatic input schema validation, and general bug fixes.

2023-06-30 Nextmv platform v0.25.0 release

This release launches the Nextmv Routing app in beta on marketplace, acceptance testing in experiments, and fixes and advances the new nextroute vehicle routing engine (beta) in Nextmv platform.

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