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2021 07 21 New Charts And Updated Console Ui

New Charts And Updated Console UI

Introducing new charts on Nextmv Cloud.

This release introduces multiple solutions for runs along with an easy way for customers to evaluate the returned solutions to help configure their Dispatch app. It also includes a UI overhaul for the Nextmv Cloud Console.

New solution evaluation charts

Three new charts are now available for visualizing existing output data: Solution Value Over Time, Solution Value Composition, and Vehicle Value Composition. These visualizations were added to provide additional understanding around returned solutions and can help with app configuration.

More user-friendly interface

We improved the overall design and layout of the Nextmv Cloud Welcome and Demo pages to create a better user experience as customers get started with Nextmv, navigate and configure their Dispatch app, and explore returned solutions.

Improvements and fixes

  • Updated JSON input file overview and explanation on Welcome page with more details for getting started
  • Added vehicle and stop counter subtext for input files to quickly size up a particular routing problem
  • Added tooltips and graphics to facilitate understanding of various aspects in the Dispatch app such as JSON input field definitions and value function composition
  • Updated color scheme in map results to be higher contrast and improved highlighting to facilitate better visual parsing of routes
  • Added text-based route description for each vehicle in Results tab
  • Introduced a new dropdown under Results tab for visualizing each returned solution on the map

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