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2022 05 17 V 0 15 0 Released

SDK v0.15.0

Updates to Go version and limit defaults.

This release includes a Go version update to 1.18, adds a new field elapsed_seconds to the solution's output, updates the default values for solution limit, node limit and duration limit, and changes the meaning of 0 for these limits to be 0 (rather than unlimited, as before). Learn more in the upgrade guide.


Update to Go 1.18

We have updated all code to depend on Go 1.18 which introduces the use of Generics.

Elapsed seconds

In the output statistics, we printed a string representing the duration in the form "72h3m0.5s". This is easy to read for humans, but requires some extra work to parse in other systems. We have added the field elapsed_seconds with this release, to make this field easier to parse in other systems.

New definition of Limits

Previously, solver limit duration, nodes and solutions were set to 0 by default, and 0 was interpreted as unlimited. This release changes the meaning of 0 to be 0 (rather than unlimited). To minimize behavior changes in light of this update, we set the default values to 10s for duration and model.MaxInt for nodes and solutions.

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