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Upgrade Guide

v0.12.0 Upgrade Guide

Nextmv SDK

  • Set your go.mod requirements to match the new version.
require ( v0.12.0 v0.12.0

With this release the OSRM measure is extended to improve performance making parallel calls to the OSRM server. The faster request-response times are possible by splitting the distance/duration matrix and executing the resulting sub-requests in parallel. The scalability of this technique depends on the resources available to the OSRM server. For this reason a new argument is introduced when creating a new OSRM client that defines how many parallel calls should be made. There are three different options:

  • If a value smaller than 1 is given, the number of parallel calls will be chosen automatically.
  • If 1 is given, one call is made to the server.
  • If a value greater than 1 is given, that number of calls is made to the server.
cli := osrm.DefaultClient("<your-host>", true)
osrm.DistanceDurationMatrices(cli, points)

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