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Nextmv is changing the way companies make decisions. We’re driven by building useful products and creating a more human workplace.

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How we work,
how you work

We default to transparency. From our product roadmap to financial planning, visibility and understanding into our systems and decisions builds trust.

Trust allows our team to execute more creatively and effectively, especially as a distributed company. We provide the pay and perks to enable our people to live and work where they’re happiest on Earth.

How we grow,
how you grow

We’re building a horizontal decision optimization stack that empowers every company, every team to better serve their customers.

This is made possible by hiring and growing our people with a career path that’s transparent, straightforward, and flexible.

Compensation philosophy

We strive to create a place where anybody can grow at Nextmv. We’re guided by core beliefs that keep us honest on this journey.

A career in tech should be accessible to all

No matter where you are in your life or on the planet, we provide competitive base salaries, equity, and benefits that are inclusive of the best talent out there.

Salary transparency mitigates the wage gap

We’re building systems that level the playing field for everyone. Our salaries and levels are open to all Nextmvers to view and understand.

Every function and location provides equal value

The base salary for any two employees at the same level is the same — whether they’re in San Francisco or Philadelphia, finance or engineering.

You don’t have to give up your craft to make more

Building a career at Nextmv should be straightforward. We give you the tools to own your growth — whether that’s as an individual contributor or people manager.

Benefits and perks

People make Nextmv possible. We value taking care of our people with what we have to offer today and what we hope to make available in the future.

Health & retirement

We provide health, dental, vision, and a monthly wellness stipend for employees, plus supplement options for family and life/disability insurance. For U.S. teammates, we offer a 1% 401k match.

Family leave

New parents get 14 weeks to welcome a new family member. We work with employees to create a return to work plan so they can rest easy during this time.

Flexible time off

We encourage team members to take a minimum of 3 weeks off each calendar year, in addition to their local public holidays.

Company-paid retreats

Facetime is important for our distributed company. When we gather to connect in-person, the travel and experience is provided by us.

Home office setup

Employees receive a laptop in addition to a stipend for $1,000 to configure and optimize their WFH space.

Stock options

We all feel ownership in the company and its growth. We offer stock option plans on a standard 4 year vesting schedule with a 1 year cliff.

How we hire

So you know what to expect, this is the structure of our interview process. It is conducted entirely over Zoom.


Tell us about your experience. Everyone who applies hears back about the status of their application.

Hiring manager screen

Take a video call with the hiring manager to learn more about the team and role.

Culture interview

Speak with a cross-functional team member to learn more about how we work and discuss values alignment.

Small project

Showcase your skills with a short
take-home project or present something you’ve already built.

Reverse interview

Chat with People Ops about benefits, compensation, company culture, etc. This is optional.

Founder call

Meet our CEO, Carolyn, or our CTO, Ryan, to discuss where we’re headed as a company.


Open roles

Roles open and close, but we’re always looking for great talent. To inquire, send us a message through our contact form.

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