Optimize routing and dispatch decisions

From delivering food to transporting milk, sharing rides, or plowing snow, Nextmv makes it easy to optimize routing operations while accounting for your business goals and logic.

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How it works

The Nextmv Decision Automation Stack is easy to use as is or customize as needed to account for various solving paradigms such as decision diagrams and heuristics, plus unique constraints and business KPIs.


POST a JSON file of your
production data.


Identify the best solution
in the time you have.


Produce, evaluate, and
understand resulting solutions.


Visualize routes and communicate dispatch decisions.

Account for your business rules

Does a delivery need to happen at a specific time? Do you need refrigerated trucks for transporting ice cream? Configure Nextmv to integrate the logic or constraints for any given decision. Use as is or customize as needed.

Start and end location

Specify where all vehicles start and end using global defaults or on a per-vehicle basis.


Define the order of operations related to pickup and dropoff sequencing.

Time windows

Set ideal expectations for when stops get visited in order to encourage route timeliness.


Encourage routes with timely arrivals and discourage routes unassigned stops using penalty values.

Compatibility attributes

Represent specific service compatibility scenarios such as refrigerated transportation or ADA compliance.

Add your own

Anything you can represent with code can be part of your decision stack.

Transporting construction materials

Oico streamlines finding, buying, and delivering construction materials — from electrical wiring to styrofoam. Nextmv's decision automation platform allows their engineering team to efficiently assign their fleet of trucks and motorbikes to routes.

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Integrate with
mapping providers

Nextmv’s JSON output is compatible with many geo providers or mapping solutions. Visualize your routes however and wherever you want: OSRM, Google Maps, MapBox, OpenStreetMap, geojson.io, or something you’ve developed internally.

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