Build decision apps faster, optimize more operations

From vehicle routing to workforce scheduling and beyond — make better decisions with the time and resources you have.

"What's the plan?" is a question that comes fast and frequently. How do you route drivers? How do you schedule staff? How do you allocate spend? And how do you optimize those decisions at speed and scale?

Nextmv makes it easier to build, test, deploy, and operate custom decision services for any use case. Here's to having better plans.

With one decision home, everyone's covered

Force multiply the power of your team by empowering them to streamline business operations at speed and scale.

Operations researchers
  • - Iterate on model constraints and objectives with a flexible modeling framework
  • - Stand up new decision models for multiple use cases using a common platform
  • - Go from working model to production faster with opinionated workflows
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Business leaders
  • - Optimize available resources across teams to do more with what you have
  • - Keep pace with operational needs for orchestrating and scaling your business
  • - Exceed expectations by increasing your margins and meeting business KPIs
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Software engineers
  • - Work with decisions using software paradigms instead of specialized math
  • - Manage decisions like software with CI/CD methods for unit tests and more
  • - Interact with decisions through a CLI-guided, opinionated workflow
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Project analysts
  • - Compare and test model designs to see which one produces better outcomes
  • - Modify decision models to test out different scenarios and inputs
  • - Interface with decision services using structured and predictable workflows
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Ways to apply decision optimization

Once you start looking for decisions to optimize, you start to see opportunities of all sorts everywhere.

Vehicle routing

Meal delivery, mobility, quick commerce, warehouse routes


Schedule healthcare workers, drivers, educators


Bin packing, inventory allocation, budget spend

Budget allocation

Allocating spend to recipients or campaigns.


Ad groups, pricing strategy, recruitment, routing


Subscription boxes, shipping, job marketplaces

Create your own

Get creative and model something novel.

Improve how you optimize decisions

Implementing, modifying, and scaling traditional mathematical optimization techniques in real-world systems is tough. Why does learning and using the tooling have to be as well? Nextmv makes decision optimization more broadly accessible.

Minimize business logic translation

Create and iterate on decision models faster, by working with decisions as code. With Nextmv, you can express “my trucks can carry 25 units” as router. Capacity: 25 instead of x ∈ Zn.

Maximize real-world impact

Bridge the deployment divide between mathematical optimization and production infrastructure. Because does a great decision model add value if it never gets deployed into real-world systems?

Satisfy testing curiosity

Know if your changes mattered without standing up bespoke testing frameworks (if you even get that far). We’re building ways to efficiently make comparison, fiddle with input values, and explore performance.


Used by developers around the world

Vehicle logistics with a sustainable mindset

As part of meeting their goal of being carbon negative by the end of 2023, GoBolt sought out a customizable solution for automating their vehicle routing operations in order to efficiently scale the efforts of their existing teams.

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Used by developers around the world

GoBolt uses Nextmv for vehicle logistics with a sustainable mindset. Learn more >>

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