Accelerate model dev
with DecisionOps

Build more decision models, not more decision tools. Optimize decision AI projects and teams with DecisionOps to build, test, deploy, and scale custom decision apps faster.

What is Nextmv?

Nextmv (*) is a DecisionOps platform that accelerates how teams develop decision applications by providing the infrastructure, testing, and collaboration tools that make working with decision optimization technology easier and more efficient.

* 👋 you can call us “next move” or “next em-vee” — we’ll respond to either!

What we accelerate
Vehicle routing

Food delivery, mobility, quick commerce, materials transport, less-than-truckload (LTL)


Healthcare staff, worker shifts, course schedules, team rosters, delivery drivers

Fulfillment & allocation

Order fulfillment, carrier selection, bin packing, inventory allocation, budget spend

Marketplace matching

Subscription boxes, shipping, job marketplaces, service assignments

Create your own

Start from a template to create and model something custom and entirely your own

How we fit
In your stack

Plug Nextmv directly in between your data inputs and operational outputs

Alongside existing solvers

Augment existing commercial or OSS setups to solve more problems in parallel

Within vertical solutions

Provide advanced optimization capabilities within end-to-end solutions

Behind third-party UIs

Send outputs to feed application building tools such as Retool and Budibase

Part of consulting projects

Enhance client experiences with model management, rollout, and maintenance

Who we help
Ops researchers

Build, customize, test, and deploy decision models and dive into solver details

Data scientists

Create, implement, and analyze decisions without specializing in optimization solvers

Software developers

Spin up and integrate configurable decision apps using familiar software paradigms

Product owners

Collaborate with algorithm developers to analyze, share, and communicate results

Team leads

Interact with and consume decision model outcomes to inform smarter next moves


Use pre-built apps or you-built custom

Start with out-of-the-box decision apps and transition to customizable templates powered by the same code. Nextmv has options for use cases such as routing and scheduling, heuristic and MIP solvers, and integrations that work for your entrypoint.

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Test apps to deploy with confidence

Release early, release often. Repeatable processes build confidence that changes you make to your models and operations improve your business. Nextmv’s features for acceptance tests, scenario tests, and shadow tests help teams make informed decisions about app readiness.

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Manage decision apps and partition data

Scale your operations effortlessly in Nextmv's infrastructure — it just works. Manage decision apps based on different geographic regions such as New York City and Boston, electric vs. hybrid fleets, staging and production configurations, or any other way that makes sense to you.

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Share your work and results with others

Building decision algorithms is a team sport. Collaborate on decision apps and iterate faster with increased visibility across your entire team – from model management to experimentation. Simply invite users to join your team in the Nextmv console and start sharing links and making mvs.

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Used by developers around the world

Vehicle logistics with a sustainable mindset

As part of meeting their goal of being carbon negative by the end of 2023, GoBolt sought out a customizable solution for automating their vehicle routing operations in order to efficiently scale the efforts of their existing teams.

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Used by developers around the world

Kale AI is optimizing urban delivery logistics with sustainability in mind.Learn more >>

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