Automate & optimize decisions for

Data science tells you what's going on. Decision science tells you what to do about it. The Nextmv Decision Stack helps companies automate and optimize their next move.

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Fast & scalable

Better operations
at speed and scale

Automate manual workflows and optimize as you scale from hundreds to thousands to millions of operational decisions for:

  • Routing: Which drivers get assigned to which routes or orders?
  • Scheduling: How should staff get allocated?
  • Packing: What's the best way to pack a palette?

Nextmv lets you represent your problem space and then explore all possibilities to find the best solution in the time you have.

The solution

Nextmv Decision Stack

Nextmv is a different kind of optimization platform: it works like regular software, it’s multi-paradigm, and works better in cloud, microservice, and serverless architectures.

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Make the best decision in the time you have with our hybrid optimizer.


Improve your decisions by experimenting with different approaches.


Deploy into production with a one-line code change.

Developer friendly

Built for the many,
not just the few

Optimization is no longer a research task restricted to hyper-specialized talent and complicated legacy tooling. Nextmv is designed to help developers do more with less and empower everyone in your business to streamline business operations.

Easier to read

Codify and represent decisions as state machines with JSON — not matrix math.

Easier to manage

Manage decisions like software. It’s CI/CD for decisions: test, configure, build, and deploy.

Easier to implement

Prototype and integrate new business logic in less time and realize business value faster.


Used by developers around the world

Routing and transporting dairy

Milk Moovement is digitizing, integrating, and optimizing the production and movement of raw milk. Nextmv helps them route trucks between farms and processors when milk volumes and quality components may vary, and time is of the essence.

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Easily integrates

One stack, one line of code to deploy

Deploy the Nextmv Decision Stack into the environment you choose — cloud, microservices, serverless. All Nextmv applications are JSON-in-JSON-out binaries, which make it easy to go from development to production with one line of code. It’s just that simple.


Easy to customize

Nextmv is flexible. Make operational decisions that account for business KPIs (cost, distance, time, risk, or customer satisfaction) and business logic (capacity, break times, or target time windows).

And it’s easy to experiment with and evaluate different KPIs and logic using one of our off-the-shelf apps or one that’s completely custom.


The bottom line

Nextmv helps you save time, money, and headspace by automating and optimizing everyday operational decisions.

Save time

Automate manual workflows, streamline existing ones.

Increase margins

Save on costs with efficient routes, schedules, and matches.

Scale confidently

Grow with the people and team you have today.

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