Decision diagrams in operations research, optimization, vehicle routing, and beyond

In the beginning there was linear programming. It spawned decades of similarly-shaped solver offshoots. Decision diagrams break with this classic paradigm and offer new opportunities to solve common optimization problems.

Bridging the divide between optimization and production infrastructure

With Nextmv, getting a decision model into production is just like deploying any other software. Build custom models and create a unique endpoint for your model that can easily integrate into your other services.

Creating a custom distance or duration matrix to use with Nextmv

Learn how to use custom distance or travel time matrices for routing with Nextmv.

In conversation with Dr. Karla Hoffman about optimization and operations research

Is optimization a solved problem? How does it fit into modern business models such as on-demand delivery? What does it mean to model like an operator? We’ll ask Dr. Hoffman these questions and more.

Solving a VRP with varying worker types

Learn how to build a custom model using our routing template to minimize costs while accounting for workers who are paid either by the hour or by task.

Tools for benchmarking and testing in the optimization space

Which solver or algorithm performs better for your use case? How does your model perform under stress? See a preview of how the Nextmv platform can streamline benchmarking instances, testing scenarios, and more.