Operationalizing HiGHS-based MIP models and Q&A with project developers

What is HiGHS? How is it used for MIP solving? And how can you accelerate the impact of decision models that use open source projects? We’ll cover all of this with a live walkthrough, demo, and a Q&A with the HiGHS project maintainers.

Getting started with DecisionOps – Live Nextmv workshop

In this hands-on workshop designed for operations researchers (decision scientists), developers, and data scientists, participants will get a guided introduction to DecisionOps via the Nextmv platform.

Combining machine learning (ML) and operations research (OR) through horizontal computing

In the on-demand logistics space, ML and OR are colliding more frequently with practitioners generating demand forecasts that feed into shift scheduling models that feed into vehicle routing models. How can we benefit from their combined value more often?

Vehicle activation penalties to encourage vehicle efficiency (vehicle routing, VRP)

Learn how to use vehicle activation penalties to encourage vehicle efficiency. This is sometimes known as prioritizing backhaul when going back to a depot.

Multiple pickups before a dropoff for vehicle routing problem (VRP)

Learn how to configure your vehicle routing problem (VRP) to have multiple pickups precede a dropoff. In this example, learn how to set two pickups at two different locations precede a dropoff stop for a pickup and delivery problem.

Model continuous depot visits for vehicle routing problem (VRP)

Learn how to model continuous moves for a vehicle going back and forth from a depot.