Nextmv 1.0: Accelerate decision model development with a DecisionOps platform

Our first major version has landed – merging tools for building, testing, deploying, and managing decision models into one platform. Ship more models, rapidly iterate and improve, and make greater operational impacts with Nextmv.

How to set up CI/CD for an OR-Tools CVRP model using Nextmv DecisionOps tools

We explore continuous improvement for a Google OR-Tools decision model using testing techniques at each stage of the development lifecycle and GitHub.

What is switchback testing for decision models?

It’s time to understand the behavioral impacts of a new decision model under real-world conditions compared to a production model. Switchback testing enables this, helping build confidence in a new model’s rollout in a safe and measured way.

8 new things you can do in the Nextmv console for DecisionOps

From configuring model options to performing experiments on subscribed apps, there’s a whole lot more you can do in the Nextmv console to accelerate the development of your decision algorithms.

Kale AI on last-mile cargo bike operations and a greener urban logistics future

A look at how one startup is supporting sustainable and resilient city design by optimizing urban delivery logistics — starting with dispatch apps designed for eco-friendly operators.

Assign workers to shifts with a low-code scheduling app

In a few clicks, you can spin up, configure, and run a Nextmv decision app that assigns workers to flexible or fixed shifts. Use a unique API endpoint to automate shift scheduling for delivery, healthcare, education, retail use cases, and more.