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How to group multiple stops while optimizing routes

A quick intro to grouping stops together on a route for use cases ranging from food delivery to courier services and beyond.

A 2021 look back and 2022 preview

A lot happened at Nextmv in 2021. Here’s a 5-minute rundown of all the goodness the team dispatched and a mini preview of what’s to come in 2022.

Decisions as code

We love a good polyhedral representation with a side of matrix math, but we know they're not for everyone. So we're creating decision optimization tooling that allows developers to work with decisions as code.

Using route limits to regulate operational costs

A look at how to configure limits for your vehicle routes: maximum number of stops visited, maximum distance traveled, and maximum time spent on route.

Calculating distance and duration for route optimization problems

There are many ways to think about calculating distance and duration between points or indices. From Euclidean to Haversine to OSRM, RoutingKit, Google Maps, and beyond, we have a look.

Route optimization with vehicle profiles

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… no it’s a Haversine distance! At Nextmv, we also use real-road distances and vehicle profiles to take vehicle type, speed, and road accessibility into account to provide accurate route optimization.