Release roundup: Polylines, integration updates, and new mapping features

Use OSRM polylines to plot your exact routes in your frontend. Plus, check out new Nextmv Cloud mapping features like tooltips that highlight ETA and total distance traveled.

Release roundup: Warm starts, UI updates, and new Onfleet integration options

Warm start a search with a feasible solution, toggle compatible features on or off while using the Nextmv Onfleet integration, and check out a visualization update that includes vehicle start locations in Nextmv Cloud.

On optimizing optimization teams

Traditional decision optimization and automation setups can take many months and several teams to ship to production. What if it didn’t have to be that way?

Efficiently insert stops into existing routes using flexible backlogs

Learn how to leverage flexible backlogs to insert new stops into previously optimized routes with an example that uses a most mouthwatering delivery payload: the humble hamburger.

To know your solver is to know what’s possible

Solvers help us tackle big problems. But how well do you understand the solver technology that you have? Did you build it? Buy it? Will it scale with your operations?

Creating a more inclusive holiday policy for a global workforce

When a team member gave feedback that our holidays were too U.S.-centric, they weren’t wrong! Here’s how we adapted our time-off policy to be more globally inclusive.