Release roundup: Nextmv CLI & SDK, MIP solving, and more templates

Catch up on the latest from Nextmv, including a CLI-guided workflow, our customizable SDK, a new MIP solving interface, and models for PagerDuty scheduling and more.

Create optimized PagerDuty on-call rotation schedules with decision automation

I retired our on-call scheduling spreadsheet — and you can too. Here’s how I built a custom decision model that generates and sends optimized schedules to the PagerDuty API.

A new interface for MIP solving with Nextmv

Nextmv makes it possible to build and run a customizable MIP model in minutes. We show you how with a meal allocation problem featuring bunnies, carrots, and endives.

Build decision models faster with Nextmv CLI and SDK

Go from zero to working decision model in minutes — then customize or create something totally new. The new and improved Nextmv platform changes the way operational decisions get made at speed and scale.

Model and solve a custom VRP using software paradigms with a food retailer example

Looking to solve a vehicle routing problem? Need to implement a custom constraint or value function? Learn how to create a custom routing model to represent your business logic.

For the birds: Solving a VRP with driver breaks

Representing equivalent or similar stops for route optimization comes in handy when you need to account for driver breaks, fueling pit stops, or even sighting a rare bird.