Optimizing routes for student pickup and dropoff with HopSkipDrive and Nextmv

To solve the complex transportation challenges of school districts nationwide, HopSkipDrive leverages Nextmv’s building blocks to develop its proprietary and customizable student routing solution.

Link and test logistics models for demand forecasting, shift scheduling, and vehicle routing

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to go from a forecasted demand to optimized routes for delivery and similar use cases. Create and customize decision apps using OR-Tools, HiGHS, Pyomo, and more.

Optimizing your AI investment with decision services

Identify and link operational areas that benefit from decision models such as vehicle routing, worker scheduling, and order fulfillment – empowering your teams to deliver more decision AI projects faster.

What is a decision model test bench? Why have one? And how to use Nextmv as one.

Model testing saves time and improves outcomes. But it’s not always possible to perform tests in the same environment as your production runs. That’s where a test bench comes in.

Haversine vs. OSRM: Distance and cost experiments on a vehicle routing problem (VRP)

How do you test if you should use map data over Haversine for a vehicle routing problem? Let’s use batch experiments with Nextmv to find out!

How to run your OR-Tools model as an automated decision service

Ready for your OR-Tools model to have real-world impact? Create an operational decision app in minutes using the Nextmv OR-Tools integration.