Building a docs site with Next.js and Markdoc

We built a docs site that references code samples from external files to avoid copy-paste errors, makes it easier to manage code updates over time, and allows for separate testing processes to be run to validate referenced code. Here’s how.

How to build a custom order fulfillment decision model with MIP and Nextmv

This post explains what order fulfillment is, considerations for model constraints and objective functions, and walks you through building a custom optimization model, step by step.

Analyze the run history of your decision apps on Nextmv Cloud

New views in the Nextmv console show the run history and run details for decision apps on Nextmv Cloud. Enhance development workflows, simplify collaboration, and improve KPIs.

Deploy your custom decision apps to Nextmv Cloud

Get your custom decision model into production in under 5 minutes. With decision apps on Nextmv Cloud, you can create a unique decision endpoint to run your model remotely and easily integrate it into your current infrastructure.

Optimization, the OR universe, and everything: In conversation with Karla Hoffman

Are AI, ML, and OR the same or different? Is operations research a solved problem? How do you know if you’re ready for optimization? We asked industry veteran Karla Hoffman these questions and more.

A 2022 Look Back and 2023 Preview

2022 was a big year: the next-gen Nextmv platform, multi-paradigm solving, INFORMS, curling in Montreal. 2023 has even more goodness in store.