Deploy decision models in minutes

Develop models locally and then publish to Nextmv Cloud with a CLI command. We handle the compiling, hosting, and infrastructure management so you can spend more time optimizing.

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Your decision model, your API endpoint

When you publish an app to Nextmv Cloud it becomes a service complete with its own endpoint. Easily integrate it with order management systems or front-end applications. From internal operations to offering optimization-as-a-service for your clients, your decision app is just an API call away.

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Go from dev to prod in a single command

Nextmv bridges the divide between development and production environments. You don't have to be an infrastructure engineer to deploy your decision model remotely. Follow a developer-friendly workflow to build your model locally, then run a few commands to publish your model to Nextmv Cloud.   

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Manage and monitor your decision apps

The Nextmv console is your window into the performance and status of your custom decision apps. It helps you explore questions such as: Which apps are in development?  What version of my app is running in production? Is my release candidate ready? What's the status of a run? How are different regions operating? Different views help you figure out your next move.

Explore app details

See published apps with version and run history details to analyze in context.

Examine run history

Dive into app metadata and investigate run output to understand app execution.

Review versions

Audit a list of all app versions to dial in on specific regions, release candidates, and more.

Collaborate in a shared workspace

From testing to implementation, there are teammates and stakeholders who help get optimization projects over the finish line. Invite your coworkers to your team in the Nextmv console so you can collaborate on the same apps, compare KPIs in a shared dashboard, and keep production versions operating smoothly.

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