The Challenges of Real-Time Decision Optimization

A software industry analyst might describe Nextmv as a provider of software development tools, whereas INFORMS members might view it as an O.R. software provider. Neither of these descriptions is wholly inaccurate, but both fail to convey the essence of its vision and mission.

How one founder is turning complex decision making into a developer tool anyone can use

Carolyn Mooney wants you to make your decision-making process code. In this week’s episode, she talks with Darrell and Jordan about Nextmv’s software that doesn’t just optimize decision making and route planning but also enables engineers to work on many different types of teams.

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Nextmv: Optimization in Fluid Work Environments with Carolyn Mooney

The traveling salesman problem is a classic challenge of finding the shortest and most efficient route for a person to take given a list of destinations. This is one of many real-world optimization problems that companies encounter.

Nextmv raises $8 million to optimize decision-making within applications

Nextmv, a provider of optimization and modeling tools that enable developers to automate decision-making within an application, today revealed it has raised $8 million in a series A round of funding.

Nextmv picks up $2.7M to optimize and test decision models for the logistics industry

Optimization. Efficiency. Data-driven decisions. If I had a nickel for every time I hear these words from founders I’d be long retired. And yet, the process involved in achieving resource optimization, efficiency and making truly data-driven decisions is laborious to say the least, and usually involves an immense amount of talent and resources.

Analytics optimization startup Nextmv just closed a seed round

Less than a year after its launch, Philly-founded distributed optimization startup Nextmv has raised its first significant round of fundraising: a $2.7 million seed round.

Announcing our investment in Nextmv

Today, we’re massively excited to announce our investment in nextmv – that gives developers the building blocks to quickly create, test, and deploy supply chain algorithms. nextmv's decision modelling, simulation, and optimization tools are built for software engineers in the supply chain to make automated decisions related to routing, scheduling, and assignment that would normally require a deep understanding of data science.

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Y Combinator’s Demo Day was a bit different this time around. As concerns grew over the spread of COVID-19, Y Combinator shifted the event format away from the two-day gathering in San Francisco we’ve gotten used to, instead opting to have its entire class debut to invited investors and media via YC’s Demo Day website.

Our investment in Nextmv

Pressing a button on your phone and having a car appear a few minutes later may not seem like magic. But it really is. How does Uber manage to match millions of passengers with drivers - all in real-time? The answer is by using a Decision Engine...

Launching Nextmv

Hey HN! We're Carolyn and Ryan, founders of nextmv ( We help developers build and test logistics algorithms faster. These are things like routing delivery vehicles, assigning nurses to patients, and managing supply chains.