Haley Eshagh

Head of Marketing
Haley started her career exploring the worlds of neuroscience and medicine and then wandered into writing and learning about spacecraft, searchcraft, and now decisioncraft.
Optimization, why it matters, how it’s changing, and more — an interview with Thiago Serra

From software development to operations research to the classroom, Professor Thiago Serra has experienced the world of optimization through many lenses. We chatted with him to learn more.

Calculating distance and duration for route optimization problems

There are many ways to think about calculating distance and duration between points or indices. From Euclidean to Haversine to OSRM, RoutingKit, Google Maps, and beyond, we have a look.

Configuring three types of vehicle routing problems: delivery, sourcing, and distribution

So, you have a vehicle routing problem. What flavor is it? Delivery, ride sharing, sourcing, distribution? Here’s how to get started with configuring it in Nextmv Cloud.

Oico: Streamlining construction material delivery and transportation

After initially working with a manual vehicle routing workflow, Oico implemented Nextmv Cloud in one week to start automating and optimizing routing decisions for their vehicle fleet.

Introducing ALNS to the Nextmv solving neighborhood

Find more improving solutions to route optimization problems at scale faster with ALNS, the latest solver available in the Nextmv Decision Stack.

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