Packing optimization

From bin packing to budget allocation, create a custom decision service with Nextmv for efficiently packing and allocating your resources.

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More efficient decisions, more business value

Reduce material waste, make the most of resource investments

Improve worker output and their overall project impact

Respond to change faster by expressing models more efficiently

Improve your packing optimization decision flow with Nextmv

Nextmv integrates into your packing technology stack as a decision service. Input data about packable objects into Nextmv, assign them to containers, to then generate allocation plans that push to your operators and applications.

Types of packing problems

Packing problems can also be known as knapsack or container loading problems, but they have broad applicability from budget allocation to resource conservation. Generally, these types of problems look to assign a set number of items to a finite resource or container.

Bin packing

Define how pickers should pack fulfillment bins or subscription boxes with the right products — from dog treats to clothing to next-day toothpaste.

Pallet packing

Stack objects onto pallets or into trucks while accounting for weight and gravity constraints that are relevant in three-dimensional problem spaces.

Budget allocation

Allocate marketing spend for various channels such as paid advertising on social media, news outlets, television, online media and more.

Inventory allocation

Determine where to forward deploy inventory to fulfillment centers and stores in order to minimize downstream logistics costs.

Natural resource conservation

Invest scientific resources and funding into the projects, communities, and habitats where there is a greater likelihood of positive impact.

Clinical trial design

Distribute trial sites for medical research while accounting for condition caseloads and community demographics to reduce time to market.  

Represent and customize packing constraints and objectives

Nextmv provides a growing list of out-of-the-box constraints and value functions to cover common packing use cases, plus the ability to create and customize entirely new ones.

Maximize value or ROI

Accommodate the greatest number of valuable items while not exceeding capacity.


Define the weight for a container or max/min spend for a channel.  

Item value, predicted ROI

Express various values related to importance, impact, or opportunity.

Create custom constraints

Capture your unique business rules with a custom constraint.

Create custom value functions

Minimize, maximize, or satisfy your unique business objectives.

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