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Nextmv has an extensible modeling and solving framework, featuring integrations with OR-Tools, HiGHS, Pyomo, and Gurobi— with more options to come.

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Model and solve the way you want

Nextmv provides several optimization modeling and solver options for solving routing, scheduling, fulfillment, allocation optimization use cases.


Nextmv provides a full-featured customizable optimization solution for solving large-scale vehicle routing problems (VRPs) . Quickly get started with low-code SaaS apps and then customize when you need to represent unique business logic. Create unique endpoints, run experiments, and mange models.

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Google OR-Tools

Google OR-Tools is an open source optimization suite with support for mixed integer programming (MIP) and constraint programming (CP) solvers. With Nextmv, you can integrate new or existing OR-Tools models into production systems with a unique API endpoint, get access to model testing tools, and manage model versions.

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HiGHS is an open source optimization solver. It is a high performance serial and parallel software for solving large-scale sparse linear programming (LP), mixed-integer programming (MIP) models. Integrate with Nextmv to create unique API endpoints, access testing and modeling tools, and manage model versions.

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Pyomo is an open source mathematical optimization modeling language with support for multiple solvers (CBC, GLPK) and problem types (MIP). The Nextmv Pyomo integration accelerates Pyomo model development with tooling and infrastructure for building, testing, and deploying faster.

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Gurobi is a commercial optimization solver equipped to address a range of problem types (LP, MILP, QP, QCP, MIQP, MIQCP). The Nextmv Gurobi integration accelerates development of decision models using the Gurobi optimizer via Nextmv's DecisionOps tools for testing, deploying, and operating.  

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AMPL is an established decision modeling solution featuring an ecosystem of connectors for data sources (PostgresSQL, CSV, Excel), and solvers (CPLEX, Gurobi, HiGHS, CBC). The Nextmv AMPL integration accelerates development of AMPL decision models using DecisionOps tooling and infrastructure.

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Need another option? Let us know!

There are a lot of great optimization modeling and solving technologies out there. We’re continuing to invest in Nextmv’s extensive multi-solver framework. If you’re interested in learning more about what's on the roadmap for future modeling and solver options or want to suggest an addition, send us a message.

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