Schedule optimization

From filling driver shifts to teaching slots, create a custom decision service with Nextmv for efficiently scheduling your resources.

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More efficient decisions, more business value

Reduce costs, manual planning, and make sure shifts are covered

Improve staff engagement and customer satisfaction

Respond to change faster by expressing models more efficiently

Improve your schedule optimization flow with Nextmv

Nextmv integrates into your scheduling technology stack as a decision service. Input staff attribute and job property data into Nextmv, assign and sequence workers and jobs, and then generate schedules for plans that push to your operators and applications.

Types of schedule optimization problems

Scheduling problems generally look to assign entities such as people, teams, or vehicles to given units of time, work, or space.

Driver assignments

Create shift schedules that account for order demand and vehicle capabilities.

Healthcare worker schedules

Develop schedules that account for staff preferences and combating burnout.

Teacher class schedules

Plan education schedules and programs that optimize for teacher and student attributes.

Sports game scheduling

Schedule league games to account for for team availability, fan demand, and stadium revenue.

Call center staffing

Assign support staff to the right cases while accounting for language, knowledge, and availability.

Staff service rostering

Align chef skill sets with menus, worker licensing with service calls, and contractor certification to jobs.  

Represent and customize scheduling constraints and objectives

Nextmv provides a growing list of out-of-the-box constraints and value functions to cover common scheduling use cases, plus the ability to create and customize entirely new ones.

Maximize worker happiness

Assign shifts that provide the best outcome for workers.

Balance hours worked

Distribute the hours worked more evenly across teammates.

Minimize workers needed

Cover all shifts with as few workers as possible.

Shift preference

Express worker preferences for time of day, days of week, or shift types.

Worker availability

Define when workers are available to pick up shifts.

Create custom constraints

Capture your unique business rules with a custom constraint.

Create custom value functions

Minimize, maximize, or satisfy your unique business objectives.

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