Operationalizing Java-based OR-Tools decision models

Learn how to create a decision service with your Java OR-Tools model using Nextmv. Deploy an existing model or accelerate the development of a new Java model with testing, CI/CD, and more.

In this techtalk, you’ll see how to create a Java-based OR-Tools decision app, deploy it to run remotely as a decision service, and analyze model performance in the Nextmv console.

Key topics

  • Build, customize, or copy over an existing Java-based OR-Tools model
  • Deploy your Java-based OR-Tools model to remote infrastructure in minutes
  • Use experiments, CI/CD, and version control to iterate and improve decision models 

In the meantime, give Nextmv a try for free — it only takes 5 minutes. And feel free to dive into our documentation or contact us to learn more.

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Head of Decision Science