Sebastián Quintero

Sebas comes from an optimization background, and fell in love with software along the way. He has worked on numerous decision and simulation models in the delivery industry. He loves playing chess and being on wheels, although he is not very good at either.
Nextmv Gurobi integration: Build, test, deploy decision models using Gurobi and DecisionOps

Do you solve decision science problems with Gurobi? The Nextmv Gurobi integration accelerates how you run, test, and deploy decision models running Gurobi with Nexmv’s DecisionOps platform.

Nextmv Pyomo integration: Build, test, deploy Python-based decision models faster

Do you model optimization problems with Python and Pyomo? The Nextmv Pyomo integration makes it easier than ever to run, test, and deploy Pyomo models using Nexmv’s DecisionOps platform.

How to set up CI/CD for an OR-Tools CVRP model using Nextmv DecisionOps tools

We explore continuous improvement for a Google OR-Tools decision model using testing techniques at each stage of the development lifecycle and GitHub.

Solving a routing problem in 10 lines of code

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Nextmv Gurobi integration speedrun demo

See how the Nextmv Gurobi integration works in the Nextmv platform. With a few commands, you can apply DecisionOps to your decision modeling workflow to build, test, and deploy faster.

Operationalizing Python-based Pyomo MIP decision models

Learn how to build, test, and deploy Pyomo mathematical optimization models faster with Nextmv, featuring pre-bundled solvers for CBC and GLPK. Create a new model or integrate an existing one to accelerate its development with DecisionOps tooling.

Getting started with vehicle routing problems (VRPs) – and testing, too!

Planning efficient routes for your vehicle fleet helps you save on operational costs. Learn how to automate the creation of optimized routes that take business rules into account like capacity, precedence, time windows, and more.