Joe Melliere

Solutions Engineer
Joe is a Solutions Engineer who came to Nextmv after working in technical sales, support, and implementation, including designing and running transit simulations. Outside of work Joe is most likely hiking, playing a board game, or on his bicycle. He lives in Durham, NC with his wife, cat, and dog.
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Route optimization for package and parcel delivery

Efficiently scale your delivery volume and service areas without adding stress to your operators or drivers. We’ll show you how to use Nextmv to automate and optimize routing: start with a pre-built decision model, customize your model to fit your needs, and deploy it to production.

Solving a VRP with varying worker types

Learn how to build a custom model using our routing template to minimize costs while accounting for workers who are paid either by the hour or by task.

Going from manual to automated decision-making

What does it mean to go from manual to automated decision-making? Why make the switch? We explore this topic and show you how.