Assign workers to shifts with a low-code scheduling app

In a few clicks, you can spin up, configure, and run a Nextmv decision app that assigns workers to flexible or fixed shifts. Use a unique API endpoint to automate shift scheduling for delivery, healthcare, education, retail use cases, and more.

How to pull Nextmv run data into Google Sheets

Every time you run your app, Nextmv captures metadata that provides insight into how the app is performing. Use a simple script to pull that run data into Google Sheets to analyze and visualize KPIs over time.

What is shadow testing for optimization models and decision algorithms?

You’re pretty sure your staging model is ready for production. Pretty sure... But you want to test it under real-world conditions without real-world impact. Shadow testing gives your “understudy” algorithm the stage to prove its mettle.

A vehicle routing solution that extends from SaaS to customizable, testable model

We are excited to release the public beta of our new out-of-the-box routing engine that lets users solve VRPs with a low-code SaaS – and use the same model to customize and incorporate testing into their dev workflows.

The o10n speedrun

Decision optimization technology plays a critical role in everyday operations — food delivery, healthcare staffing, and subscription box assembly — but it can often stand in its own way. It doesn’t have to.

Introducing acceptance testing: it’s like CI/CD for your decision algorithm

We’re thrilled to announce the beta release of algorithm acceptance testing with Nextmv. We’ve streamlined making go/no-go decisions for decision model changes – paving a clear path to production.