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Configuring three types of vehicle routing problems: delivery, sourcing, and distribution

So, you have a vehicle routing problem. What flavor is it? Delivery, ride sharing, sourcing, distribution? Here’s how to get started with configuring it in Nextmv Cloud.

New views in Nextmv Cloud

Nextmv Cloud has a new look and new charts to help you better understand and refine your routing results.

Introducing ALNS to the Nextmv solving neighborhood

Find more improving solutions to route optimization problems at scale faster with ALNS, the latest solver available in the Nextmv Decision Stack.

Exploring time windows, timeliness penalties, and unassigned penalties for routing on Nextmv Cloud

Learn how to route a fleet of vehicles while working with time windows, time penalties, and unassigned penalties using the Dispatch app on Nextmv Cloud.

Our first virtual retreat: Our exact agenda and what we learned

It’s important to create opportunities to connect when building a distributed company. Retreats are one way to do that, even if they’re virtual. Here’s an in-depth look at our exact agenda for our first virtual retreat at Nextmv and what we learned in the process.

A faster, easier way to add custom logic to assignment problems

We’ve released Hop v0.7.1! This release introduces a new assigner framework for Hop to make it easier for customers to add custom business logic to assignment problems within our fleet engine.