For the birds: Solving a VRP with driver breaks

Representing equivalent or similar stops for route optimization comes in handy when you need to account for driver breaks, fueling pit stops, or even sighting a rare bird.

To know your solver is to know what’s possible

Solvers help us tackle big problems. But how well do you understand the solver technology that you have? Did you build it? Buy it? Will it scale with your operations?

Creating a more inclusive holiday policy for a global workforce

When a team member gave feedback that our holidays were too U.S.-centric, they weren’t wrong! Here’s how we adapted our time-off policy to be more globally inclusive.

Solving a fleet scheduling problem – from calculating demand to building a shift schedule

If you have a vehicle routing problem, you probably have a workforce scheduling problem, too. Here’s how we found optimized solutions to both with Nextmv’s decision automation platform.

Release roundup: New SDK routing engine features and Onfleet integration updates

Vehicle initialization costs, service groups, and flexible filtering have landed in our SDK routing engine. Plus, try new features in the Nextmv Onfleet integration.

Solve a vehicle routing problem (VRP) using R and Nextmv Cloud

In a few simple steps, you can formulate, solve, and visualize a capacitated vehicle routing problem with the R programming language.