Analyze the run history of your decision apps on Nextmv Cloud

New views in the Nextmv console show the run history and run details for decision apps on Nextmv Cloud. Enhance development workflows, simplify collaboration, and improve KPIs.

Deploy your custom decision apps to Nextmv Cloud

Get your custom decision model into production in under 5 minutes. With decision apps on Nextmv Cloud, you can create a unique decision endpoint to run your model remotely and easily integrate it into your current infrastructure.

Release roundup: Nextmv CLI & SDK, MIP solving, and more templates

Catch up on the latest from Nextmv, including a CLI-guided workflow, our customizable SDK, a new MIP solving interface, and models for PagerDuty scheduling and more.

Build decision models faster with Nextmv CLI and SDK

Go from zero to working decision model in minutes — then customize or create something totally new. The new and improved Nextmv platform changes the way operational decisions get made at speed and scale.

Release roundup: Polylines, integration updates, and new mapping features

Use OSRM polylines to plot your exact routes in your frontend. Plus, check out new Nextmv Cloud mapping features like tooltips that highlight ETA and total distance traveled.

From zero to customizable decision model in minutes with Nextmv

Register to watch a presentation, demo, and AMA time with the Nextmv team. Get an overview of the newly released custom decision optimization platform, see it in action, and check out a preview of our multi-solver capabilities.