Getting started with vehicle routing problems (VRPs) – and testing, too!

Whether you’re delivering flowers, sourcing electrical components, or distributing packages, you’re faced with a routing problem. It’s common to start creating routes manually using spreadsheets or simple route planning tools when you’re dealing with a handful of stops and a vehicle or two. As you scale and your operations grow more complex, this task becomes challenging to manage manually and inefficient for your overall business.

Our flexible, low-code solution with out-of-the-box constraints can help you model your requirements as they evolve so you don’t have to worry about translating anything. As you add more constraints, you may be wondering, “What happens to my KPIs?” Use the Nextmv platform to perform experiments and understand the impacts of model updates. Join us as we walk through each of these steps.

Key topics

  • Configuring constraints to match your business
  • Using Nextmv to solve a VRP
  • Conducting routing model experiments

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