Carolyn Mooney

Co-Founder & CEO
Carolyn Mooney began her career running large scale ballistic missile simulations at Lockheed Martin. She adapted her skills to meal delivery in Decision Engineering at Zoomer, then led Grubhub's Systems Engineering team, consulting on projects from ETA improvements to scheduling and market management. Carolyn has a BSE in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and coaches volleyball when she's not founding companies.‍
To know your solver is to know what’s possible

Solvers help us tackle big problems. But how well do you understand the solver technology that you have? Did you build it? Buy it? Will it scale with your operations?

Nextmv + Onfleet: Partnership Announcement

It’s now easier than ever to pair Nextmv's extensible route optimization engine with Onfleet's dispatch and fleet management platform to give customers more control over automated route assignment while flexibly representing customer business logic and rules.

What is decision automation?

It’s new and yet old. It bridges data science and business operations. And it’s an emerging piece of critical infrastructure for realizing a more efficient, responsive, and predictable world.

A 2021 look back and 2022 preview

A lot happened at Nextmv in 2021. Here’s a 5-minute rundown of all the goodness the team dispatched and a mini preview of what’s to come in 2022.

Decisions as code

We love a good polyhedral representation with a side of matrix math, but we know they're not for everyone. So we're creating decision optimization tooling that allows developers to work with decisions as code.

Decisions as code: Systems thinking, operations research, and computer science

From vehicle routing problems (VRPs) to scheduling staff and workers, there is a multitude of decisions ripe for automation. In this talk, Carolyn Mooney, CEO of Nextmv, talks about her vision for shifting from traditional decision workflows to decision automation where any developer can work with decisions as code.