OR-Tools, VROOM & Nextplot: Open source vehicle routing and visualization

OR-Tools and VROOM are popular open source options for solving vehicle routing problems (VRPs). However, analyzing solutions and updating models can be tricky when you’re using new or multiple modeling tools and solvers. This is often due to having the right tools for model setup and deployment, as well as visual exploration and analysis.

To address these gaps, we've been adding to a repository of community decision apps while also investing in open source visualization. We know from experience that getting visual (and shareable) feedback when developing decision algorithms is critical. We thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to plot stops, clusters, routes, and more on a customizable map with just a few commands?” So we created Nextplot, an open source CLI tool for visualizing JSON input/output data. Use Nextplot with OR-Tools or VROOM to plot points on a PNG and interactive HTML. 

In this techtalk, Marius Merschformann will demo Nextplot with two sample VRP apps to visualize model input, output, and more. We’ll also run experiments using the Nextmv platform to tune your model before deploying a new version to production.

Key topics

  • Solve a routing problem with OR-Tools and VROOM 
  • Visualize stops and routes with Nextplot (and customize the map)
  • Tune your model using the experimentation features of the Nextmv platform

Get started on Nextmv for free and learn more in the documentation. Have questions? Reach out to us to talk with our technical team. 

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