Accelerate decision model development with a collaboration platform

Work together on your decision apps and iterate faster with increased visibility across your entire team – from model management to experimentation. It’s as simple as inviting users to join your team in the Nextmv console.

Optimization algorithms don’t make it to production in a vacuum. From operations researchers and data scientists to software developers and product managers, the process of creating and deploying apps involves aligning teams who may have different perspectives. 

The Nextmv platform is designed to make that process easier – and our teams feature delivers the transparency required for effective development. Invite collaborators to your team and share the details like run history, experiment results, and more. Work alongside your teammates from the Nextmv console to build, test, deploy, and manage decision apps faster. 

Invite your team to a shared space 

Log into your account and click “Teams” in the left navigation. Invite users to join your team and toggle between teams that you belong to so you can easily hop into where you need to be. Collaborating in the same space saves your desktop from screenshots and eliminates the tricky back-and-forth that slows you down when you’re testing or troubleshooting. 

Manage model updates 

Working on a new model? Expanding to new regions? Create versions and instances to organize and manage your decision models. Easily separate geographic regions, staging and production environments, feature configuration, and more. Every member of your team can see what’s been published, who published the last binary, and what’s been set as the default instance – streamlining your development pipeline

Dive into run history and details

Investigating an odd route? Troubleshooting an error? Find answers faster alongside your teammates who also have access to how the app is performing. Identify the cause of a failed run, dig into a specific route, and more. Invite team members to see the run metadata as well as the input and output directly in the Nextmv console. Use the search, sort, and filter functions to find exactly what you need.

Perform and share experiments

Share results of experiments like acceptance tests with your teammates and stakeholders outside your functional team like operators and finance managers. Whether you’re exploring the potential impacts of an update or are looking to push a new model through to the next stage, there are checkboxes that need ticking and requests that require stamping. Review KPI changes, identify criteria for moving a model toward production, and launch with confidence.

Get started

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