Creating a more inclusive holiday policy for a global workforce

When a team member gave feedback that our holidays were too U.S.-centric, they weren’t wrong! Here’s how we adapted our time-off policy to be more globally inclusive.

How we practice “work from anywhere” with employee travel stipends

When it wasn’t feasible to get everyone together in person, Nextmv provided a budget for individual travel and coworking to encourage facetime in an accessible and customizable way. This was my experience.

Building for the Everybunny: Two years and counting at Nextmv

It’s been two years since we started Nextmv and one heck of an exciting journey. Here’s a look at how some things have changed and how others have stayed the same.

Our first virtual retreat: Our exact agenda and what we learned

It’s important to create opportunities to connect when building a distributed company. Retreats are one way to do that, even if they’re virtual. Here’s an in-depth look at our exact agenda for our first virtual retreat at Nextmv and what we learned in the process.

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