Tools for benchmarking and testing in the optimization space

Which solver or algorithm performs better for your use case? How does your model perform under stress? See a preview of how the Nextmv platform can streamline benchmarking instances, testing scenarios, and more.

Going from manual to automated decision-making

What does it mean to go from manual to automated decision-making? Why make the switch? We explore this topic and show you how.

Solve a route optimization problem (VRP / CVRP) with Python and Nextmv Cloud

Get started with Nextmv Cloud and Python to solve a vehicle routing problem and find optimized solutions for your vehicles and stops.

Roadmap preview: Integrations, scenario planning, and custom decision automation

Join our team for a techtalk video as they dive into the latest routing optimization features and chat about what’s coming soon to Nextmv in the decision automation space.

Decisions as code: Systems thinking, operations research, and computer science

From vehicle routing problems (VRPs) to scheduling staff and workers, there is a multitude of decisions ripe for automation. In this talk, Carolyn Mooney, CEO of Nextmv, talks about her vision for shifting from traditional decision workflows to decision automation where any developer can work with decisions as code.

Nextmv Onfleet Integration Demo

Get started with the Nextmv Onfleet integration in a step-by-step walkthrough for how to pull in tasks and workers via the Onfleet API, find optimized routes with Nextmv with extended features, and upload assignments back into Onfleet's platform.