Operationalizing Google OR-Tools models

Learn how to integrate a new or existing OR-Tools model into production systems using Nextmv and its infrastructure, testing capabilities, and collaboration features to create a repeatable workflow to production.

Shift scheduling algorithm comparison: Optimizing for shift coverage

See how to test two shift scheduling algorithms. One algorithm increases the time between shifts to account for new labor laws compared to the other algorithm that does not. How do schedule overages change across the two?

In conversation with Ox and The Rounds: Circular logistics and human-centered automation

The CEOs and founders of two startups sit down with Carolyn Mooney to discuss logistics and automation, navigating the evolving world of AI technology, and the benefits of efficiency and sustainability.

Create and run a low-code, SaaS routing app

Launch and run your own routing app with a library of configurable constraints to fit your use case.

Getting started with vehicle routing problems (VRPs) – and testing, too!

Planning efficient routes for your vehicle fleet helps you save on operational costs. Learn how to automate the creation of optimized routes that take business rules into account like capacity, precedence, time windows, and more.

How to perform an acceptance test for decision algorithms

Define the metrics that matter to your organization, run an acceptance test, and get easy-to-share results that guide your team down the path to production with confidence.