Getting started with DecisionOps for decision science models using Gurobi

Learn how to accelerate development of decision models that use Gurobi with tools for historical and online testing, run history, model management, and model collaboration.

Operationalizing Python-based Pyomo MIP decision models

Learn how to build, test, and deploy Pyomo mathematical optimization models faster with Nextmv, featuring pre-bundled solvers for CBC and GLPK. Create a new model or integrate an existing one to accelerate its development with DecisionOps tooling.

Switchback testing decision models: Demo using Nextmv

Use Nextmv to compare two decision models operating in production while accounting for network effects

What is switchback testing for decision models?

Switchback testing is a key part of the DecisionOps workflow. Get a quick primer on what it is and when to use it in this 2-minute video.

Build, test, and deploy an OR-Tools MIP model in Python

Learn how to solve mixed integer programming (MIP) problems with Google’s OR-Tools for use cases like scheduling, order fulfillment, packing and more. Then promote an updated model to production using CI/CD.

Forecast, schedule, route: 3 starter models for on-demand logistics

Automating on-demand logistics operations for scale, customization, and iteration is easier than you might think. Learn how to build, test, and deploy models for demand forecasting, shift scheduling, and route creation.