How to optimize route operations in multiple market locations

Whether you operate in multiple market locations or want to expand into new ones, simple scenario testing can help you make decisions about vehicle fleet size, composition, and capabilities.

Nextmv Onfleet Integration Demo

Get started with the Nextmv Onfleet integration in a step-by-step walkthrough for how to pull in tasks and workers via the Onfleet API, find optimized routes with Nextmv with extended features, and upload assignments back into Onfleet's platform.

Tour of Nextmv Cloud

Welcome to a tour of the Nextmv Cloud console! Learn how to get started with sample files for your routing use case. Optimize routes for delivery, distribution, and sourcing with Nextmv.Get started with Nextmv Cloud with our documentation.

Using the precedes and succeeds constraints for stop sequencing

When performing route optimization for use cases like delivery, distribution, and sourcing, the order in which the stops are serviced is critical. Learn how to use precedence to ensure your stops are visited in the correct sequence.

Using route limits to regulate operational costs during route optimization

Balance vehicle usage by using constraints on aspects of route to limit maximum distance traveled, maximum time spent on route, and/or maximum number of stop serviced.

Route planning, optimization, and automation with Nextmv Cloud

Solve routing problems like delivery, distribution, and sourcing with Nextmv Cloud. See your optimized routes on the map in the console or use the API to connect to your data source and frontend UI. Scaling is fast and easy with Nextmv.