Daniel Mueller

Senior Solutions Engineer
Daniel is a Solutions Engineer at Nextmv. He loves to solve problems that have a real-world impact, such as liner shipping decision problems or production planning in manufacturing. Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, and he regularly plays handball with his local team.
Haversine vs. OSRM: Distance and cost experiments on a vehicle routing problem (VRP)

How do you test if you should use map data over Haversine for a vehicle routing problem? Let’s use batch experiments with Nextmv to find out!

Should I use map or traffic data for my vehicle routing problem (VRP)?

When planning routes for vehicles, it’s reasonable to think you want to incorporate map or traffic data. But it’s not always needed and is often an investment if you decide to pursue it. We look at how to decide.

How to build a custom order fulfillment decision model with MIP and Nextmv

This post explains what order fulfillment is, considerations for model constraints and objective functions, and walks you through building a custom optimization model, step by step.

Model and solve a custom VRP using software paradigms with a food retailer example

Looking to solve a vehicle routing problem? Need to implement a custom constraint or value function? Learn how to create a custom routing model to represent your business logic.

Operationalizing Google OR-Tools models

Learn how to integrate a new or existing OR-Tools model into production systems using Nextmv and its infrastructure, testing capabilities, and collaboration features to create a repeatable workflow to production.

Route optimization for food, beverage, and less-than-truckload (LTL) delivery

From tight delivery windows to refrigeration controls, route optimization models for food, beverage, and LTL delivery often require customization and rapid deployment to keep pace with business operations. Learn how to use Nextmv for this use case.

From zero to customizable decision model in minutes with Nextmv

Register to watch a presentation, demo, and AMA time with the Nextmv team. Get an overview of the newly released custom decision optimization platform, see it in action, and check out a preview of our multi-solver capabilities.