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Product Manager
Technical product manager, research scientist, and co-founder of open-source publishing platform.‍
Optimizing your AI investment with decision services

Identify and link operational areas that benefit from decision models such as vehicle routing, worker scheduling, and order fulfillment – empowering your teams to deliver more decision AI projects faster.

What is a decision model test bench? Why have one? And how to use Nextmv as one.

Model testing saves time and improves outcomes. But it’s not always possible to perform tests in the same environment as your production runs. That’s where a test bench comes in.

The Nextmv AMPL integration: Accelerating decision model development with DecisionOps

Do you model optimization problems with AMPL? The Nextmv AMPL integration accelerates how you run, test, and deploy AMPL decision models using DecisionOps tooling and workflows.

CI/CD for decision science: What is it, how does it work, and why does it matter?

CI/CD is how you ship higher quality code to production faster. But with decision science models, there’s a twist. We’ll look at the role of decision quality, specific testing tooling, and problem drift on CI/CD for decision science models.

What is switchback testing for decision models?

It’s time to understand the behavioral impacts of a new decision model under real-world conditions compared to a production model. Switchback testing enables this, helping build confidence in a new model’s rollout in a safe and measured way.

Getting started with DecisionOps for decision science models using Gurobi

Learn how to accelerate development of decision models that use Gurobi with tools for historical and online testing, run history, model management, and model collaboration.

Determining decision model readiness using shadow tests and acceptance tests

How do you feel about the decision model updates you ship to production? Acceptance and shadow testing are two ways to gain confidence across model performance for business KPIs and stability indicators. We’ll show you how.

Build decision models with confidence: Working with testing in optimization

Optimization model testing plays a key role in ensuring smooth yet improving business operations. But the testing universe is big and sometimes unwieldy. Learn how to get started with a unified decision model testing framework.

Tools for benchmarking and testing in the optimization space

Which solver or algorithm performs better for your use case? How does your model perform under stress? See a preview of how the Nextmv platform can streamline benchmarking instances, testing scenarios, and more.

Roadmap preview: Integrations, scenario planning, and custom decision automation

Join our team for a techtalk video as they dive into the latest routing optimization features and chat about what’s coming soon to Nextmv in the decision automation space.