Getting started with DecisionOps for decision science models using Gurobi

DecisionOps accelerates the real-world impact of decision models. Learn how to apply these practices to developing and shipping models that use Gurobi via the Nextmv Gurobi integration, which features tools designed for decision model testing (historical and online), tuning, deployment, and collaboration.

In this techtalk, we’ll show you how to take a new or existing decision model, deploy it to production-ready infrastructure, make runs using the Gurobi solver, incorporate CI/CD practices and GitHub Actions into your workflow, and conduct model experiments to roll out to production with confidence. 

Key topics

  • Deploy custom decision models to remote infra quickly and get a set of unique API endpoints
  • Use Git flows, CI/CD, and version control to iterate and improve upon custom decision models 
  • Perform experiments like acceptance tests to de-risk production rollout 

Get started on Nextmv for free and learn more in the documentation. Have questions? Reach out to us to talk with our technical team.

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