Release: Shadow testing for decision models in Nextmv

Shadow testing isn’t just for the MLOps crowd. Decision algorithm teams can have it too for their optimization models solving routing, scheduling, allocation, and fulfillment problems across supply chain, retail, healthcare, and more.

Introducing acceptance testing: it’s like CI/CD for your decision algorithm

We’re thrilled to announce the beta release of algorithm acceptance testing with Nextmv. We’ve streamlined making go/no-go decisions for decision model changes – paving a clear path to production.

Nextmv + Onfleet: Partnership Announcement

It’s now easier than ever to pair Nextmv's extensible route optimization engine with Onfleet's dispatch and fleet management platform to give customers more control over automated route assignment while flexibly representing customer business logic and rules.

New views in Nextmv Cloud

Nextmv Cloud has a new look and new charts to help you better understand and refine your routing results.

Nextmv raises $8 million for Series A round to power decision science

We're thrilled to have FirstMark Capital lead our Series A round, putting even more momentum behind our vision to bring the power of decision science to every developer.

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