Introducing acceptance testing: it’s like CI/CD for your decision algorithm

We’re thrilled to announce the beta release of algorithm acceptance testing with Nextmv. We’ve streamlined making go/no-go decisions for decision model changes – paving a clear path to production.

“Is the new model ready for production? Does it meet our requirements? How can I demonstrate performance and get buy-in from stakeholders?” These are the questions on the minds of product managers and algorithm developers working with logistics optimization for food delivery, supply chain, parcel transport, subscription box matching, order fulfillment, and then some. 

When it’s tedious to answer these questions with manual tests and bespoke frameworks, teams are more likely to avoid updating a decision model – even if that means reluctantly continuing to run an outdated or inefficient algorithm.

That all changes with our beta release of our acceptance testing features for decision algorithms with Nextmv. Let’s dive into the good stuff!    

Streamline go/no-go decisions for model updates

Define the metrics that matter to your organization, run an acceptance test, and get easy-to-share results that guide your team down the path to production with confidence. By incorporating acceptance testing into your dev workflows, you can create CI/CD for decision models knowing that they’ve met all of your criteria. This unlocks two things: reassurance for modeling current business requirements and hypothesizing about future improvements. 

Ensure KPIs are acceptable when required model changes arise from new business requirements. Will you utilize more vehicles in your fleet if you increase service times?

Play out potential model updates when you have hypotheses for improving business outcomes. Can you reduce time on road if you introduce a mixed fleet with electric and gas vehicles?

An example of acceptance testing with Nextmv

A farm share delivery company is considering changing the composition of their fleet, but they’re not sure if the new model with updated constraints will meet their requirements for production. Watch the video below to see how they create and analyze an acceptance test.

See another acceptance test in action in our techtalk on solving VRPs and testing model updates.

Ready to give the beta a spin?

If you’d like to explore decision model testing with Nextmv, create a free account and check out our sample decision apps and experiments

You can dive into the details of custom model creation and testing with a free 14-day trial, or reach out to us to get a live demo and talk about your use case

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