Nextmv raises $8 million for Series A round to power decision science

We're thrilled to have FirstMark Capital lead our Series A round, putting even more momentum behind our vision to bring the power of decision science to every developer.

We're excited to announce that we've raised $8 million in funding for our Series A! FirstMark Capital led this round (which officially closed in December 2020) with participation from Dynamo Ventures, 2048 Ventures, Atypical Ventures, and GreenHawk Capital. We're thrilled to see FirstMark and our other investors from our seed round — which closed just a few months ago — double down on the Nextmv mission and vision. We are also very excited to welcome a terrific group of individual investors from the developer tools and logistics spaces, including GitHub CTO Jason Warner, Stripe COO Claire Johnson, Twilio Community VP Ricky Robinett, and Seamless Founder Jason Finger.  

Since our founding, we've been moving incredibly fast to build a great company with great products. We feel fortunate to have this fresh round of support. It demonstrates the conviction our investor community has for our company's vision, and puts additional momentum behind the application of decision science to solve business problems across a wide range of use cases and industries.

This is what we're looking to do at Nextmv: bring the power of decision science to every developer. Decision science is the missing link between data science and operations. Where data science answers “what's going on?” and machine learning addresses “what's going to happen?”, decision science answers "so what do we do about it?"

Our platform empowers developers with complex mathematical tools that can automate and optimize their operations. Which delivery drivers get assigned to which routes or orders? How should warehouse or healthcare staff be allocated given a new set of circumstances? What inventory levels are needed to keep pace with demand?

Making quick and efficient decisions has an impact on a number of business goals — from customer satisfaction to risk reduction, cost savings, profit optimization, and more. We’ve seen the demand for this kind of problem-solving grow over time and it’s accelerated by an order of magnitude in light of the COVID pandemic.

Traditionally, solving decision science problems has either required hyper-specialized talent operating hyper-specialized technology, or overly simplified tooling that doesn't scale with the complexity of your business. We spent years at Grubhub wrestling with these kinds of challenges and building optimization and decision engineering solutions. In that time we learned a lot. We also saw an opportunity to address this problem space in a new way.

So we set out to build a platform that delivers automated decision-making capabilities to the everyday developer. Today, we provide two products: Hop for optimization and modeling (How should I dispatch drivers for the latest lineup of deliveries?) and Dash for simulation and experimentation (What happens to customer satisfaction if my delivery workforce changes?).

With this latest round of funding and support, we’re excited to accelerate product development with new cloud applications and templates, further invest in our community, and hire more great folks onto the Nextmv team.

Want to try Nextmv? Spin up a free trial of our Fleet Router model on Nextmv Cloud, which we recently launched in alpha.

Finally, I'd like to give a big thank to everyone who has been this journey with us so far!

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