The Nextmv OR-Tools integration: Quickly deploy and test OR-Tools models

We’re thrilled to announce our integration with OR-Tools – pairing production-ready infrastructure, version management, and testing capabilities with the modeling libraries and solvers you know and love.

Launch your OR-Tools model into production as a decision microservice with a simple copy/paste in Python using the Nextmv OR-Tools integration. Then accelerate model development cycles for your decision apps by managing versions, testing and iterating on model changes, and collaborating with teammates to get better buy-in and alignment on your project. This new integration helps you focus on building effective decision models rather than building and managing decision tools. Check out the video demo below and keep reading for more details!

Create a dedicated endpoint for your OR-Tools model in minutes 

Whether you're new to OR-Tools or are a long-time user, Nextmv makes it simple to operationalize your model. (Don’t worry about wrapping it in a microservice or managing the infrastructure.) Get your optimization project over the finish line by deploying the model you’ve already built in a few steps. 

To get started, all you need is a Nextmv account and an active free trial.

  1. Download dev tools (installs Nextmv CLI & SDK)
  2. Initialize the ‘ortools’ template (includes everything you need for the integration)
  3. Create and run your app (deploys your model to Nextmv Cloud and creates an API endpoint)

Dive into the complete OR-Tools integration documentation.

Build upon your existing OR-Tools models 

Start with what you have and keep iterating. Copy your OR-Tools model into the Nextmv ‘ortools’ template and customize it in Python for complete control over model formulation from the objective to individual constraints. 

Use the modeling tools and solvers that ship with OR-Tools including: 

  • Linear programming (LP) –  Glop solver
  • Mixed integer programming (MIP) –  SCIP solver
  • Constraint programming (CP) –  CP-SAT solver 
  • Vehicle routing problems (VRPs) – specialized library

Streamline dev workflows with version management and more

The Nextmv OR-Tools integration makes decision model development with OR-Tools feel like building, testing, and deploying any other software — it’s DevOps and MLOps meets DecisionOps. You can manage versions and instances to track development and partition your data and create instances for different environments such as staging and production, different geographical regions, or by any other way you’d like to organize your data.

Collaborate with your teammates by accessing a shared space in the Nextmv console. Get complete visibility into who published a model version, how it’s performing, and the metadata of each run. 

Run experiments on your OR-Tools models 

When business requirements change, model changes follow. Perhaps you’re implementing a new constraint, testing different solver types like MIP vs. CP, or tweaking configuration. How do you know if the new model behaves as expected before pushing it live? Are there unintended impacts on critical KPIs? 

Use the testing suite in the Nextmv platform to answer these questions, share results with stakeholders, and create CI/CD for your decision models. Incorporate experimentation such as acceptance tests and online shadow tests into your workflows to de-risk your production rollouts.

Get started with the Nextmv OR-Tools integration

Sign up for a free Nextmv account and try the integration out for yourself!

Join us for a techtalk on the OR-Tools integration – where we’ll walk through deploying and experimenting with your OR-Tools model.

We’d love to hear what you think! Reach out to us to learn more and chat with our team. 

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